Product Overview - LightMix Content Management

LightMix CMS is a Content management solution by LightMix Design Studio, Washington DC web design company. It is a robust solution for small, medium and large organizations demanding frequent updates to content, management of members and running online business. Our Content Management solution is engineered to allow administrators easily maintain and expand web sites of any complexity. We reengineer workflow to fit specific customer needs and allow for faster, more efficient administration. learn more...

Key Benefits and Features

  • Advanced Content Editing, Visual Editor
  • Page and Section Creation, Templates
  • Advanced Permission Control
  • Version Management
  • Movement of Content, Hierarchy
  • Publishing and Approval Process control
  • File Management, Users, Settings, Autoresponders, Mailer and more

Professional Design Services

News website powered by LightMixCMS is released

BuyUSA is designed powered by LightMixCMS is designed, powered by LightMixCMS

JGanes Consulting launches new site based on LightMixCMS

Cleveland School of Music powered by LightMixCMS is online

Membership website for Trading Strategies is launched.

Website for Recordings for Blind and Dyslexic is designed and implemented with LightMix CMS

Membership website for OptionWinningTeam is launched.

LightMix integrated LightMix CMS solution, membership and subscription engine membership and media site built on LightMix CMS is redesgined. memebrship website for active traders is launched orporate website powered by Lightmix CMS is launched. lead generation website is designed with custom integration of LightMix CMS, leading financial risk management ASP corporate website redesigned with LightMix CMS

Visalaw International corporate website is designed with LightMix CMS financial advisory site is designed with LightMix CMS


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